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All web page text must be supplied by the client



Banner Ad

   A banner ad will be displayed every 15 seconds on our homepage.

$10 monthly

One Page Web









One Page Webs are used for advertisement.  They're simple, cheap, but effective.

   One Page Web Sites Usually Include

  •  Company Name

  •  Picture Of Storefront or Product

  •  How to Contact the Company

  •  Email Address

  •  Registration with 5 top search engines

1 Page

Starting at










Multi-Page Web







Multi-Page Webs are used to show your companies presence on the web.   

Multi-Page Webs Usually Include

  •  Everything On a One Page Web

  •  10  8.5·11 inch Color Scans

  •  Store Location 

  •  Registration with 200 search engines

Maximum 35 Pages

Starting at







Corporate Presence Web









A Corporate Presence Web is used as a virtual storefront where customers can shop online as well as explore services provided by the company

Corporate Presence Web Usually Includes

  •  Everything On a Multi-Page Web

  •  Online Catalog or Brochure

  •  Online Ordering Form

  •  Virtual Shopping Cart

  •  20  8.5 · 11inch Color Scans

  • Strategic Site Marketing Campaign

Maximum 85 Pages

Starting at


















Extra Additions

  •  Additional HTML Pages

  •  Java Scripting

  •  Animated Gifs

  •  Color Scanning

  •  Digital Sound & Music

  •  Virtual Shopping Cart


$20 per page

$30 per hour

$25 per hour

$8 per page

$20 per wav


Please Feel Free To Do The Math!!

(NOTE: Price and Options Subject To Change and Negotiations.)


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